Merchandise & Rewards

Through our exclusive sources and vendor relationships, Group Ventures can offer your program an amazing gift and rewards experience. Our dedicated team of buyers develop a gifting and rewards plan that will resonate with your audience, their interests and passions.

Group Ventures has developed a proprietary Gift Suite experience to make your guests feel truly pampered with a fun, celebrity-type environment. At our dedicated Gift Suite, attendees are greeted with champagne or mimosas to enjoy while they browse and select their gift.

Our exclusively-sourced, luxury gifts include well-known designer brands and products ranging from purses to the latest electronics, sporting goods to cookware. Guests can select from two groups of premiere options. Depending on which item they select, guests can enjoy their gift immediately or for the ultimate in convenience, have it shipped to them at home. Group Ventures creates a customized gift/rewards selection for your audience. Rewards merchandise can include:

  • Custom logo apparel
  • Takeaways with your company logo
  • Promotional merchandise and corporate gifts
  • Luxury products in technology and fitness categories for both genders
  • Upscale brands such as Tumi, Tiffany and Bose let your guests explore their hobbies and passions
  • Designer fine jewelry, accessories and handbags for the fashionistas in your group